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July 2015

4 Things You Missed at the last Urban Detox!

The first Urban Teacher Detox was nothing short of amazing.
Here are 6 six awesome things you missed while you were sleeping late or out of town!

1. The opportunity to connect with other educators. As teachers we have the tendency to work in isolation. Our classroom is our world and our school is simply an extension. Some educators tend to spend countless years in the same classroom watching different children with the same issues walk in and out every year. However, we forget that our network is our net worth. As in any professional field, the stronger your network, the more access you have to information, job opportunities, and a reliable support network.


2. The opportunity to train and be trained through simple collaboration. Because most professional development opportunities consist of one individual delivering information to others in a timed session, educators seldom get the opportunity to engage with the information being delivered. In the Detox session, participants are engaged the entire length of the session. You are able to review research in your field of interest and discuss it with your group in an organic and informal manner. Because this is a safe space, you are welcome to share your true feelings on different topics. After all, it is a detox.


3. Access to research you actually care about. Have you ever been required to read something by your school leadership and found yourself barely interested??? Well it’s probably because you had to, not because you wanted to. That’s the difference with the Detox. You are able to look through research that not only peaks your interest, but that actually applies to your present situation.


4. Breakfast & Lunch Cause everyone loves to eat! Breakfast was provided by Choco-latte Cafe and Lunch was provided by Jason’s Deli.