Are you the School Gangsta?


Are you the School Gangsta? Are you that teacher that always has something to say about something no matter how much better it is than the last something that was presented??? If not, I bet you can name one… even when you are trying to be positive, he/she ALWAYS has something to say…

What role do you play as an educator in an Urban Setting?Education Researcher Jeff Duncan-Andrade put urban educators into three specific groups:
Gangstas, Ridas, and Wankstas

4 reasons you may be a School Gangsta…

    1. You have a deep resentment for most parents, students, and community members. Quite frankly, they get on your damn nerves. You feel like if they got their act together, you could actually be successful.
    2. Of course this suggests that you are generally dissatisfied with the job, the school, and the broader community.
    3. You may aggressively advocate for school policies such as sweeping remediation, zero-tolerance discipline policies, and tracking.
    4. In staff meetings, you may even deliberately challenge forthright discussions on student achievement. After all, you’ve been teaching so it’s obviously the kids’ fault.


or maybe you’re a School “Wanksta”??

    1. You came to the urban classroom with the full intention of becoming an effective educator but soon realized that you weren’t quite prepared and there is little support to help you be great.
    2. You feel disrespected as a professional by the system and students and quite honestly, it hurts.
    3. You find yourself getting further and further away from your desire to be an effective teacher. The emotional investment is simply gone. Consequently, you find yourself just following along with the latest district theme because it’s just easier to shut up and do it.
    4. A different (better) leadership team can easily rejuvenate you.

Or could you be the much needed School Rida

    1. You are consistently successful with a broad range of students and other teachers can not figure out why. Consequently, kids tend to get sent to you and usually they WANT to be sent to you.
    2. You invest in as many students as you can every year.
    3. You perceive the larger school structure as morally bankrupt and hesitate to take on any challenge that would mean time away from your students and instructional time.
    4. You stay, or want to stay, in a difficult school because your passion for education is paramount to systemic foolishness or a pay check.
So who are you?? All? None? Or a definite Rida??

***from “Gangstas, Wankstas, and Ridas: Defining, Developing, and Supporting Effective Teachers in Urban Schools” by Jeff Duncan-Andrade (2007)***