Career Mentoring

Every Kid Needs a Champion

Every successful individual can recall one significant individual that changed the course of their life—an individual that exposed them to limitless potentialities and taught them to dream beyond the boundaries of their current circumstance.

The Invictus career mentoring program is the mentoring component of The PrOOF Project, Inc. . This program provides elementary-aged children with the opportunity to develop purpose, hope, and a vision for their future despite their present circumstances. Children are carefully paired with mentors that fit their interests and future goals. Mentors work as school volunteers, attend organized outings, as well as organized work experiences.

Our program offers exposure, guidance, and support to children in low-income communities. Children in our program are given the opportunity to engage in a variety of careers during the early childhood years. Students in Grades 3-5 from Title I schools are paired with professionals in careers that reflect the strengths or interests of the students. With this program, we expect to see an increase in student achievement as students began to focus on their future aspirations; thus instilling hope, pride, and a sense of purpose.

Why are career mentors needed in Title I Elementary Schools?*

    • Living in poverty during early childhood is associated with lower than average rates of school completion.
    o Only 63.8% of economically disadvantaged students in the state of Georgia graduated from High School in 2013.
    o 14% of students of low socioeconomic status attained a Bachelor’s degree or higher within 8 years of high school graduation.
    • Approximately 10.9 million school-age children 5 to 17 years old were in families living in poverty in 2013.


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