The Detox Series

For too long, educators have been required to participate in training sessions that brought little or no value to their experience in the Title I classroom. It seems a new gimmick is thrown out quite often under the guise of being “research-based.” As a result you’ll find educators that are disconnected to the training and leave more frustrated than they entered….

The Detox Series serves to challenge the status quo in professional development for educators. This series facilitates the sharing of best practices in urban education. Too often we find that educators in urban settings are working in isolation due to frustration, employee discord, and administrative pressures. This innovative professional development format offers educators the opportunity to teach and learn with other educator professionals in an informal, yet empowering, research-based session.

So how does it work?
The formula is simple.

    Step I: Participants register to work in teams on a particular concept that affects their school community.
    Step II: Participants randomly select a class size & five common student concerns to consider during their discussions.
    Step III: Participants receive electronic access to research surrounding their topic along with a task sheet that illustrates the concern.
    Step IV: Participants engage in honest, organic conversations as it relates to the research and their individual classroom experiences. As a team they propose solutions and later share those ideas with the larger group.

This format allows teachers to share, question, and improve their best practices in a natural, empowering way. The setting is intentionally small (8 – 30 participants) and located off school grounds in order to maintain an intimate and out-of-the-box experience.

Group Participants May Include:

    Special Education Teachers
    General Education Teachers
    Primary. Middle, High School Teachers
    Support Personnel / Community Representatives

Examples of Talking Points:

    Disproportionality of African-Americans in Special Education
    School to Prison Pipeline
    Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
    Differentiated Instruction
    Classroom Management
    ADHD Learning Styles
    Dealing with Administration

Check out our photos below from The Urban Teacher Detox I (June 2015) at the Center for Civic Innovation in Downtown Atlanta.

  • Hip Hop Pedagogy
  • Collaboration
  • School to Prison Pipeline Discussion
  • Lunch Time!
  • Center for Civic Innovation
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